Monday, May 11, 2009

Slowly making my way back!

Wow what a long past month it has been! We went to TN last month and had a blast! Ended up staying an extra day! We didn't want to come home. It's so beautiful there and everyone is so friendly! My husband is still trying to talk me into moving there.. eventually!! It is definitely something to think about!

A week after we came back from TN, we moved. That has been a never ending event! Been trying to get everything moved over here and get our old house emptied out and cleaned up. I think everything is finally moved and now maybe we can have some time to actually unpack! On top of all of that the hubs and I both have really bad sinus infections so we feel like crap! I've been missing blogging here.. just been a lack of time to do it! I will be back soon and already have my first rant planned.. has something do with gas prices.. and Obama, heh heh!!

Be back soon! xo

P.S. I know you missed me! :o)


Stitchblade said...

I used to live in TN. It is the most beautiful clean place I have ever been. No place quite like it!

crazedmama said...

Very true! It felt like home even though I had never been there before!

Au Naturale said...

my brothers live in Hendersonville. I'm seriously thinking of transplanting there. looking 4ward to ur rant!

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