Monday, June 1, 2009

You Potty Mouth!

Sometimes I just sit around and try to analyze the oddest things. Trying to sort out why something is this way or that way in my head. One thing that pops in my head a lot is, are you ready for this?? Curse words!

Cuss Words. Swear Words. Whatever way you want to describe them! Maybe I think about it more now that I have children and don't want them getting in trouble at school for saying one of these very naughty words!

What makes a word a "bad word"? How is sh*t any different than saying "poop"? Damn instead of "dang"? F**k instead of "screw"? As* instead of butt? Why is one word considered bad and another considered acceptable when they both mean the same thing?

WHO out there decides which words are bad and which words are ok? Why should children get punished for saying as* instead of butt? How exactly do we explain it to them? It really seems down right silly to me. They are just words for christ's sake! Why might I get banned from certain blogger rings or social sites just because I might say one of these expletives? Yet, it's perfectly acceptable for me to say poop, feces, butt, arse, sex, screw, heck... etc..?

Why are some people considered "dirty" and/or "bad people" because they say this word instead of that word?

Does anyone have an explanation for this? Curious minds want to know!


Jason said...

Coming from England, where it's so common place for swear/cuss words to be used in pretty much every sentance, and I mean us Brits do get very potty mouthed at times. I find it charming over here in America where the cuss words are much nicer and dang and gosh darn it and butt and tush and fanny.

It's refreshing, but hey just like you I'd like to know who the f*@k decided what was a swear word and what was a nice word!

crazedmama said...

Im glad someone feels the same as me.. maybe I need to move.. I curse like a sailor! However I have to tone it down a bit so that my kids don't get in trouble at school for saying a word that someone else, who knows WHO, decided it was BAD.. but wont it be a fun argument to get into with the school??

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