Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson.. enough with the jokes!

What in the world is going on with all of these celebrities dropping over dead?? The reaper normally takes 3 at a time, but now we are on number 5! (this is including the death of Billy Mays today).

Ofcourse, Michael Jackson is getting the most attention as his death was such a surprise and so unexpected. I have to say, I am a bit sad about his passing and I'm getting sick and tired of all of the jokes I've been getting online and through text messages. I think I got the stupid joke about melting him down into a toy so that little boys can play with him atleast 15 times!! Give it up, it's NOT funny!!

I actually kind of feel sad for Michael Jackson. He was never PROVEN to be a child molestor in a court of law however everyone just believes what they hear and label him a child molester.

The guy is a musical legend! I remember sitting in my friend Kellie's room when we were kids back in the 80's listening to the Thriller album. It was like nothing I had ever heard before. M.J. has influenced thousands maybe even millions of musicians throughout the world. Obviouslly he had some mental problems. None of us know what happened to him as a child. Obvious attempts to change his appearance just proves how insecure he was about himself. When he talked, he talked as if he was still that little child stuck inside of an adult body. I think Michael Jackson loved children and loved to make them happy. Is it wrong for a man to love children? If he was a woman I'm sure no one would consider her a child molester? After being accused and acquitted of child molestation he spent the rest of his years having to hide from the public as everyone felt it was THEIR duty to judge him with no evidence. I've received emails celebrating his death because,"child molester's get what they deserve". Not to mention the numerous jokes I received about his death.

The guy was obviously very insecure with himself and spent the last few years of his life being persecuted by people who know nothing about him. Remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.. and he was never proven guilty.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.


Stitchblade said...

Totally and completely 100% DISagree. There are plenty of criminals walking around free that were never proven guilty, and plenty of innocent people locked up that were proven guilty. So that is false...false...false.

Anyone that does the things he has is mentally unstable. Seriously, look what he did to himself physically. He was sick in the head. Not right at all!

He was not proven guilty because he has MONEY, money buys you out of everything! DO you think OJ is innocent too? Seriously...I'm not attacking you, just adding my ranting comment and opinion.

Too much is going into this...what about our heroes that die everyday? Michael Jackson was not a hero...

You can read my post here:

Tori :) said...

I think I'm gonna have to agree with Stitchblade on this one. You're right- he wasn't ever convicted of anything, but I think the evidence in the 1st case leans a lot more towards guilt than innocence considering the boys description of MJ's genitalia was a close match... And it never went to court bc he paid the family off and the boy would no longer testify. (Which makes me think the boy's parents sucked too... but that's another rant.) And the fact that he thought it was ok to "share his bed" with children shows he was not mentally stable. (From of a mom's point of view it is WRONG.)
MJ's life was definitely sad. Some he couldn't help, but he brought a lot of it on himself. He was not right in the head no matter how great of a performer he was.
To be fair, I do think the charities he ran and donated to were awesome.
I wrote about his death too, although I'm pretty sure you won't like what I wrote...

crazedmama said...

Well, none of us will ever know the truth! The only ones who do are M.J. and the kids. Just because two described his genitals is proof? Genitals are not really that difficult to describe now are they? Unless he had a big white stripe down his thingy?? lol. None of you are God and none of you are a judge in a court room.. you just judge him but how the media portrays him, simple as that!

I knew not everyone would agree with my post, I didn't expect him to. The majority of the population believe what they see on TV, that has been proven plenty of times! However, I am glad that my post is catching a bit of attention!! Thanks for the comments!

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