Sunday, March 9, 2008

Link exchange??

Don't forget, if you want to exchange links with me then just leave me a comment here and I will add you to my blog friends list over there ---------->

Please make sure that your blog has something in common with mine, otherwise I wont add yours!

I have just added some new links to my favorites and blog friends list so be sure to check them out!


shpak said...

I wouldn't mind a link exchange. My site is

simpleyesa said...

hello, just visiting! Nice blog... Mind if we exchange links?
hope to see you around. *blog hop*

Blogging by Patrick @ GecSoft said...

I rant about stupid and frustrating technology and how to overcome/fix these problems.


I find your posts amusing and funny, how do i add you as well?

anti said...

Initially I was like wow, a famous blogger wants to freely exchange linkes! And she's a sarcastic ranter, that's fantabulous! That is in fact what my site is all about.

But-then-I-read-some-of-your-posts. whheeeeeewh. wow. heavy.

Not too ranty or sarcastic.

If in fact I've somehow misjudged your blog (and I rarely "mis"judge) then please feel free to "correct" me.

You can see what I'm about here:

or just simply:

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