Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blogs...the good and the BAD!

PhotobucketI REALLY enjoy reading other blogs! I am a member of a few blog traffic exchanges and I like to skim through each blog as I wait for the ticker to count down. If I like a blog I will add it to my blogmarks and usually end up linking to them on this or one of my other blogs! I like blogs that come from the heart. Blogs that are written about every day run of the mill things that people go through in life! I like blogs that really grab my attention and will keep me reading all the way through the post and wanting to go through the archives!!

There are some blogs that just BORE the CRAP out of me!! For instance, political blogs. Ugh. I don't like politics, never have, never will and I certainly don't want to sit and read about the same old garbage that is on the news 10 times a day! *snore* I appreciate that there are alot of people into politics and such but it is not for me and like I said, the crap is on the news all day long, I don't need to read about it, too!!

I also find it extremely annoying when people have blogs that are supposed to be written from another point of view! I am meaning people that have blogs that are supposedly written from their 6 month old baby's point of view! As if an adult REALLY knows what is going on inside an infants mind and as if a 6 month old could actually come up with thoughts like that! Or how about all of the million cat blogs out there that are supposed to be written from the CAT'S point of view? Are you freakin' serious people?? Crap like that really makes me roll my eyes! I mean, really, is your life THAT boring that you have time to sit down and come up with some of this crap?? Sheesh!!

I also don't care too much for music on blogs..the only reason is because when I am surfing the net I normally have my OWN music playing and it's a real P.I.T.A. when some other crap music (or someone talking) starts to play over my own music and then it turns into a monotonous mess!

If anyone is thinking about making a blog, atleast try to make it interesting and half ways thought provoking! Give me something that will make me stick to the screen even when the timer on my traffic exchange thingy is on zero!! lol


Mrs4444 said...

I think we are twins, separated at birth! I like/hate the same things that you do.

Found your blog flashing on the bottom of Blogmad, in case you were wondering...think I'll poke around now...

crazedmama said...

awesome!! i will check yours out as well!!!

Just Bob said...

I agree on the blog music... I hate it. Thanks for sharing your musical preferences, but don't blast them through my speakers without my consent.

Let me know if my blog is a "more" or a "bore!"

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