Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is Facebook Your Right?

I recently heard that during job interviews, employers have been known to ask the interviewee to log into the Facebook account and let the employer view their private page. This has caused quite a debate on Facebook and most people agree with me that it is just plain wrong.

Yes, Facebook is a public social networking website but that is why there is the option of posting things as public or private. I have a sarcastic and crazy sense of humor. I post a lot of funny shit on Facebook. If I think that something could have the possibility of being offensive, I make it private because I know most of my friends will laugh just as hard as I do but some people may not. If I don't want strangers to know my private business, I make it private. It is MY right to choose who I wish to share what with.

I have heard of employers looking at people's Facebook pages and I guess I don't have a problem with that because they can see things that you decided to make public. If you made something public that is offensive or stupid, that's your own damned fault, but to make someone log into it and show an employer their private business? That is just wrong! It is no different than telling the person to hand over the cell phone so that you can read through their private text messages and look through their private photos.

I need a job but if someone asked me to log into my private Facebook page so that they could read everything, I would kindly tell them to fuck off! I don't want to work for someone that would nose into my private life that way. If they do that, what else will they snoop around in?? Or maybe I would ask them to let me look through their cell phone while they look through my Facebook page?? Everyone has their right to privacy and if they made their FB page private, no no one has the right to force you to let them read it!

Hiring someone should be based on how they carry themselves during the interview along with references and background checks..etc.. That's what they are for. Even though I may have a fucked up sense of humor, I know how to be professional and courteous when needed. Hiring or firing someone should be based on how they perform while they are on the clock not what they do in their own private personal time!

Have you heard of anyone being forced to log into their Facebook account? Has it happened to you? Thoughts??

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