Friday, May 11, 2012

Time has Crossed the Line

I'm sure the majority of my readers have already seen the newest cover of Time magazine that is causing so much controversy. I refuse to post it in my blog and if you have not seen it yet, it shows a mother with her 3 yr old son sucking on her nipple. I found the photo absolutely disgusting.

I don't care if mothers choose to breastfeed or bottle feed. I think it is everyone's own personal choice and no one should judge anyone else for their own personal parenting decisions. This magazine cover goes beyond the argument between breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and attachment parenting. First of all, the kid looks like he is 5, not 3. You can tell that the kid feels awkward and uncomfortable just from the look on his face. Can you imagine what it must have been like for a kid that age to be standing in front of 345087345 people under bright lights and in front of big cameras being told to suck on his mommy's boob? What happens when he is 8? or 12 years old? He is going to be humiliated, teased, and tormented. I don't know why the mom did it, if she was trying to make a point or trying to boast that she is such a better parent than everyone else or what but I think she is disgusting for making her child do that. How much money did she make off of this?

Not to mention, that a 3 year old is too old to be breastfeeding!!!!!! It's just weird and creepy to me to see a big ass kid like that sucking on a nipple. A 3 year old should not have a bottle at that age let alone a real nipple! Some parents need to LET GO!! Let the kid grow up a little bit, he doesn't have to be attached to you 24/7. I think some mothers are taking the whole attachment parenting thing WAY too far. Let the kid have a little bit of independence, they will need it when they are grown because, believe it or not, they WILL grow up and leave the nest.. without you!!!!

I was hoping and praying that this magazine cover would at least be covered up in the grocery store so that my kids didn't have to see this photograph. Doesn't matter now though since Good Morning America decided to show the cover about 10 times on the TV this morning while my kids were getting ready for school. They saw it. They didn't say anything about it, but I saw the questioning looks in their eyes.

What do you think of the cover?? 


Gossip_Grl said...

Great posting. I honestly think it should be a woman's choice. I breastfed mine until teeth I couldn't take that. The doc while telling me about the benefits understood that I was going to be the one missing a nipple and helped me choose correct formula.
I honestly think she's a trooper she made it past the teeth thing and apparently still has nipples.

Deanna crazed said...

Right, it's her choice, but the whole magazine cover thing is just way over the top.

The Queen said...

My aunt nursed until her kids would come up and unbutton her blouse, pull down her bra.. and start nursing.. talk about gross.. needless to say, it stuck with me for so long,, that my kid was bottle fed from day one..

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