Thursday, February 21, 2008

Impatient People!

Ok, I admit I am not the most patient of people! Alright, I have very short patience when it comes to certain things but some people are just over the top!!

If you have been reading my blog for long you know that I have 3 children. My oldest is 4 and my twins are 3. My oldest has been in preschool since September and my twins just started with him a few weeks ago. The bus comes and picks them all up in front of our house.

Preschool buses are different than regular school buses. With children this age they are required by law to put the kids in safety restraints...a.k.a. seat belts. They aren't just one lap belt they are a bunch of buckles that go across the kids chest and stomach. With three kids it takes a few minutes to get them all buckled in and the parent is the one required to do it!

There have been times before with just my four year old where people have gotten pissed off because they had to wait 2 freaking minutes for me to get my child buckled in. Yesterday, a guy in a truck started laying on the horn yelling things out his window and as the bus pulled away and the guy drove past us he flipped us the bird!

Give me a break people! You can see that these are SMALL children getting on the bus! It's not like I'm just standing there gossiping with the bus driver! I am strapping my kids in which is REQUIRED by law! You are not going to DIE if you have to wait 3 damned minutes while I get it done! Do you REAAAALLYY have the right to flip me off and yell obscenities at me because I am doing what the law requires for my childs safety?? Is a few minutes of your time more important than MY kids' safety? I don't freakin' think so!! All of you tough guys run your mouth but none of you have the balls to say it to my husbands face who is usually out there with me, too!

UGH! Some people just piss me the F off!!!!!!!!!

...Ok, I'm done now..thanks for reading!


Mrs4444 said...

Hm. I learned something new from this; I had no idea. Maybe they should post a sign on the back of the bus, "Notice: Pick your nose or something; parents busy buckling kids, thank you!"

crazedmama said...

lol..buckling my kids in is already a chore in its self having THREE to get in..but when you have cars honking and yelling things it just makes it that much worse!! and the kids don't know what is going on!!

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