Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Runway *Guest Post*

I Never Miss Project Runway

Thanks for the post from Kirk Wood

There's a show on the Lifetime channel called Project Runway that I would have to call my favorite fashion-themed show. It usually comes on my satellite TV from DIRECTSTARTV.COM on Thursdays, so I never miss it; if I'm going to be away from the TV, I always set the TiVo to record it. I think what really makes me like the show so much is that I sew and make my own clothes, so it's really interesting to watch other people's workflow; sometimes I learn something new and adapt it to my own workflow.
The judges are the only thing about the show that I dislike. Every time a model walks down the runway, I can tell that Michael Kors hates what he sees. He always has this sour face like he's sucking on a lemon; what really makes me mad is that I usually like what he hates. Nina Garcia is also bad because she looks at the clothes and bases her decision on whether it would sell or not, instead of judging it on originality and creativity. Either way, I love the show and can't wait for the next season.

*This is a paid post.

1 comment:

Lady Estrogen said...

It's my favorite themed show too! LOVE LOVE IT. I love the challenges!
I went to Art College and salivate at the problems they have to solve. I just wished I could sew, foowie.

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