Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are Zombies Taking Over??

What's the deal with all of the zombie-like events happening in this country? Stories of people chewing off another person's face and a mom chewing on her baby's arm? .. and these are just a few of the cannibalism stories happening in the year 2012. What gives? Is it because zombies have become popular over the last year or so especially after The Walking Dead was introduced to the masses? I happen to love that show and I've always been interested in horror movies and zombies.

When I was a kid, vampires used to be creepy and scary and eeeevil. Then Twilight came along and had to ruin it by making them sparkle and all pretty and stuff. They ruined the whole vampire vibe. Is the same thing going to happen with zombies? Is it going to become so popular that it gets stupid? Are people eating other human beings because of the zombie popularity? Is it the bath salts? Could a zombie apocalypse really happen? What do you think?

Here's a hilarious video I found yesterday. A guy in Florida actually went out in public pretending to be a zombie, chasing people! I laughed my ass off at this, especially the black guys holding their stupid baggy ass pants up so that they could run.. and the ending is funny, too!


Nomad said...

Don't you think that video is - whether it is intentional or not- a bit racist? I suppose it is how most black people see whites anyway.

Deanna crazed said...

How the hell is it racist? Jesus.

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