Friday, June 24, 2011

RIP Ryan Dunn, Jackass.

So most of you have probably heard about the death of Ryan Dunn. Yes, many people are very sad about it, but am I the only one who thinks he really is a jackass?? I really don't feel bad for him. He was drunk driving going 130 mph. Seriously?? Was he trying to kill himself and his friend? You gotta be an idiot for trying to drive 130mph, but doing it drunk? Just yesterday, I heard the conversation Bam Margera had with his mom talking about Ryan's driving, saying how he always drives like an "asshole" and "remember when he almost killed us", and April kept saying that Ryan was going to be one of those people that are killed in their vehicle. Was she psychic? Or did she already know what an idiot he was?

Drunk driving is one of my pet peeves. If you are going to be driving, DON'T drink, it's that simple. You are not only putting your own life in danger, you are putting others in danger as well. How would you feel if you hit a van filled with kids and killed them? Or killed your best friend who is sitting next to you in the car? People are fucking idiots. I feel bad for Ryan Dunn's family, but it was his own damned fault. Obviously, the whole jackass clan are adrenaline junkies, and I love watching their shows and movies, but don't put other people's lives in danger by just doing stupid ass shit like drunk driving. Ryan should be the poster child for drunk driving. Dumbass.

This was a picture he tweeted just a few hours before the crash, most of you have probably seen this, but just in case...

What's the fastest you have ever driven? I'm just curious. I think the fastest I've driven myself was probably 80-85. Yeah, dumb, but it was on the turnpike and I was honestly keeping up with traffic. My husband on the other hand loves to drive fast and likes to see how fast he can get a vehicle to go. I'm too scared to do that crap; it's too easy to lose control, even when you are sober.


iYamALCApwn said...

I have driven 105 before. But I drive like a dude. And driving drunk is a NO NO. If you're going to drink, don't drive. If you're driving, don't drink. I personally am susceptible to the charms of alcohol and know that I'm not good behind the wheel after drinking, even if I'm not drunk. I always have a DD or I park my ass for the night where ever I'm drinking.

crazedmama said...

Same here, if I'm driving, I don't drink. Plus, sometimes you may think you are not buzzed, but if you get pulled over you may still be over the legal limit.. then you are fucked!!

Haley said...

Oh wow, I didn't even know he died. I definitely agree, that was just pure ignorance. It's unfortunate that his death could have been prevented but he decided to choose otherwise though.

:blushes: I've driven 120 before. I was driving home from college and I guess my foot started slowly getting heavy... no one else was really on the interstate so I didn't have anything to judge my speed by other than the speedometer that I obviously was not paying attention to. :/

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