Friday, May 13, 2011

Botox Kids? Beauty Pageants?

Did any of you see the story on Good Morning America the other day about the mother who injected Botox into her 8 year old daughter to get rid of the “lines” on her face? I was so disgusted by this. I’ve always hated child beauty pageants. I think parents who do this are ruining their children. First of all, little girls are not meant to wear slutty looking clothing, and 2 lbs of make up on their face. It’s gross. Most kids don’t want to have to worry about being “perfect”, and smiling the right way or walking the right way. What are you teaching your children? You are teaching them that looks are the most important thing in life and that their brain or personality doesn’t matter. How are these kids going to be as teenagers or adults?

I could not believe this mom that injected her kid with botox. She had no remorse for it and tried to justify herself by saying that other pageant moms do it, too. When asked where she got the botox from, she refused to say.. because, well, it’s probably illegal! This should be considered child abuse. The little girl even said that it hurt. Botox is dumb anyway, but it should be the child’s choice. It’s not like a vaccine or something that they need. It’s all for looks. That little girl will end up like that disgusting cat woman that got way too many plastic surgeries and now looks like a deflated barbie doll. This mom should be in jail. Parents are trying to live their life through their children and trying to make them as beautiful as THEY (the moms) wish they were. Let kids be kids.

What is your opinion on toddler/children beauty pageants??


iYamALCApwn said...

SOOO glad I'm probably having a boy. I shall train him to be a hit man for these exact types of people.

crazedmama said...

Yay!!!!!!! I have a girl and two boys but my girl is soooo a tom boy and I'm fine with that!

Haley said...

Following from FMBT.
I saw this on several different news casts including Jane Lynn on HLN. I think it's ridiculous and not teaching her daughter anything but the wrongs in life. Its moms like her who end up making their children feel like they're never good enough. I feel sorry for the little girl simply because her mom is destroying her and not only that but now that she's been taken away from her shes going to have a fucked up childhood. Her mother is a self absorbed pig if you ask me.

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Shanae Branham said...

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April Decheine said...

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My daughter never was involved in pageants BUT, when she was in High School I wish I would of got her involved in the Community Pageants around her sophomore year so she could of worked in the community a bit more and gained scholarships for college. I had know clue about that :-) She went off to college anyway.

I feel sorry for parents that get so wrapped up in their kids sports and extra curricular events because they do end one day and the kids move on and some parents find themselves lost.

My kids now 25, 23 and 20 were all involved in sports and choir every second of there school days but it is what they wanted. My daughter finally quit gymnastics her Junior Year and I was like, okay.. :-)

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