Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Drama Queens Suck!

You all know the type. The girl (well, it is usually a girl) who always seems to be in the middle of some kind of drama; drama at work, drama in relationships, drama in the family. After awhile you really begin to wonder if maybe she IS the reason for the drama? It's almost as if some women will go out of their way to get attention by going around to others saying, "oh, you won't believe who did what to me", or "guess what so and so did behind your back". Or, "My life is so horrible I'm just going to kill myself.. I just took half a bottle of pills, wahhhh"... I'm not making fun of suicide or anything, but if someone is sincerely considering suicide, they won't tell any one. It's the ones who tell everyone about it that are just doing it for the attention.

Lately, I've watched a few drama queens do their little show and dance and it's some times hard for me to bite my tongue. I mean, seriously, if you hate drama, and you don't want drama in your life, you don't LET drama in your life. If someone else is trying to cause drama in your life, you cut them out of your life and ignore them and don't give them the satisfaction by adding fuel to the fire! Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and stop being an attention whore!

Is there something seriously wrong with these types of people? Is something lacking in their life that makes them have a need to be the center of attention? For someone to go out of their way to get someone they hardly know involved in their own stupid little dramatic world?

I have enough going on in my life between a marriage, 3 young kids, working, college, blogging, taking care of my pets, cleaning my house, doing laundry and saving my own sanity to let someone bring drama into my life. I decided a long time ago that drama was just too stressful for me to deal with and I have enough stress in my life, why let any unneeded stress upset me? I guess at some point, you have to learn to grow the fuck up, stop stressing about petty crap, stop letting other people interfere with your life and do what you have to do to take care of your own family. GROW UP!


Kimberly said...

Great blog as well... I am folling this one also!
All the best,

MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

I always saying when someone has drama going on that they just make me tired :) Great blog

Greg said...

I know what you mean about drama queens, the one I have a problem with is at work and she's a he. Acts just like a little schoolgirl though. hate it, wish I could just get rid of him, but not in control of the situation.

So what were you on the Jenny Jones show for?

Enjoyed your posts and your blog, like your sarcasm too.

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