Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking for a new web browser?

I've been using Firefox for a few years now but for the last few months have been having many problems with it crashing. It's an every day thing when I'm working. It will just freeze up, say that it is "not responding" and I will have to shut it down and then restart firefox. I've gotten very frustrated with it and did some research on it and read a lot of other complaints about the same thing.

I read quite a few people mentioning the new Google Chrome (still in Beta stages) so I decided to test it out. Since it is still pretty new it does have a few glitches but for the most part, I like it! I can import all of my bookmarks from Firefox into it which makes the move a lot easier! The only problem I have with it is with my job. On the platform they use you have to click a button which brings up another small window. When I push the button in Google Chrome it does nothing. The new window wont pop up at all. I've tried messing around with everything, turning pop up blocker off.. etc., but nothing I do works. Other than that, I have had no problems with it! No matter how many tabs I have open it does not crash. I can work all day long without any crashes. I'm sorry Firefox but I think I may have to say goodbye! I can't handle the numerous crashes all day! I'm still using both for now as sometimes I still have to use Firefox for work to get that other window up but other than that I've been using Google Chrome for everything!

I despise Internet Explorer and refuse to use it, lol. I know a lot of people feel the same way! If you are looking for something new I definitely suggest checking out Google Chrome. Just do a search for it! Since it is pretty new they are constantly doing updates to it, so I'm hoping the little glitches wont take long to be fixed!

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