Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Economic Stimulus Payment

Have been sent out earlier than expected. They were originally supposed to start being deposited into bank accounts on May 2 but they started on April 28th and from what I have read ALL of the direct deposits will be made by the end of this week!

So what does everyone think about this payment. Do you think it's REALLY going to help?? It might for ... a few days. To be honest, my husband and I are considered to be low income and using the calculator on the IRS website we are only getting back $1500 even though they SAY the married couples can get $1200 plus $300 each child, which would equal $2100 for us. I was a little disappointed when I saw the estimate but it's better than nothing RIGHT? We will pay a month of rent, buy the kids some summer clothes, fix a few things on my van..and then be poor again.
about right

I also find it VERY ironic that the first day the money starts to be deposited the gas prices SKY ROCKET to almost $4.00 a gallon? Does anyone else think this is a big coincidence?? I think someone is trying to take advantage of the little people who will be getting some of this money! So, whatever is left from bills is going straight into the gas tanks. The little people just keep getting screwed harder and harder by this country! The economy is getting worse and worse. People HAVE to get to get to work to make a paycheck but it is costing half of our paycheck just for gas! That is absolutely ridiculous! How is anyone supposed to be able to survive this way??


Dawtch said...

Add to all that, we'll probably have to pay taxes on it next year...

crazedmama said...

yeah, ive just heard about that, too.. so the whole stimulus check sounded good in the beginning but is ending up being pretty pointless!! also found out that if u make less than $50,000 (i think is what it was) you only get HALF of what was expected back! that's why ours was low, we only got $600 back instead of the $1200 per married couple!

Cyrus said...

I noticed the "coincidence" too. I also noticed the "coincidence" that Exxon-Mobil, yet again, broke their own record for posting the largest profits of any company - ever.

The stimulus checks will do nothing but transfer tax money that could be used to help pay for the war or our crumbling infrastructure to OPEC.

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